Newsletter #12 - November 22, 2002

This memo summarizes the essential details of the Point of Care Connectivity Industry Consortium (CIC) MEDICA 2002 Meeting, held November 21 on the Roche boat "MS River" in Düsseldorf. Approximately forty attendees from throughout Europe joined representatives of the CIC and European standardization organizations for this important meeting on Europe-specific issues involving point-of-care connectivity.

In this issue:

Executive summary

The Connectivity Industry Consortium (CIC) held its fifth major briefing meeting for Point-of-Care organizations outside of the United States and the third European Initiative Workshop during Medica on November 21, 2002 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The briefing was held in conjunction with the MEDICA 2002 conference on one of the boats chartered by Roche Diagnostics . Thirty-nine individuals representing twenty-four international point-of-care (POC) organizations attended this meeting.

During Medica 2000, the CIC launched a European Round Table (ERT) with the goal of involving European users and vendors in the efforts and to internationalize the standard.

In 2001 the ERT reported on its progress and solicited further input from international POC users. Also, Thomas Norgall investigated the possibility of involving the Fraunhofer institute in developing prototype or demonstration implementations of the CIC protocols.

The Medica 2002 meeting provided an update on the internationalization process, the CIC organization, the standard implementation and further development of the standard. As well as the Frauenhofer institute realized their plan and presented a POCT-1A Demonstrator, showing communication between POCT-Device and POCT Observation Reviewer.

Thomas Norgall as Chair CIC Europe opened the meeting. Horst Merkle, Roche Diagnostics and CIC Vice President, presented the Objectives and Agenda. Thomas Norgall, Erlangen Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen, then updated attendees on the progress toward status quo of the standard approval by DIN, CEN and ISO, according the CIC Europe perspective. Next, Ken Levy, Roche Diagnostics USA, CIC Chief Financial Officer of CIC summarized the industrial perspective and status quo of the implementation of the standard. He also provided an overview of the sun-set activities of the CIC.

Christian Weigand, Erlangen Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen, presented the POCT-1A Demonstrator. An impressive demonstration of a communication between a POCT-Device and a POCT Observation Reviewer utilizing the POCT-1a standard.

Finally, Dr. Hilmar Luthe, University of Göttingen, presented the user perspective on connectivity and the need for implementing the POC connectivity standard POCT-1a.

Discussion arose on the plans to sun-set the CIC organization by mid 2003. The attendees agreed that there is still a lot of work left to be done on the European/international level to educate especially users on how the implementation of the POCT-1a standard supports cost effective multi-vendor connectivity. This issue was already addressed to the CIC and will be part of the sun-set strategy i.e. funds will be set aside to continue supporting the ERT initiative.


The following presentations are attached to the meeting minutes.

  • Horst Merkle - Roche Diagnostics, CIC Vice-President, Objectives (Action Items) and Agenda
  • Thomas Norgall - Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS, Erlangen, CIC Europe Chairperson, CIC Europe - Status Quo of the Standard Approval in DIN, CEN and ISO
  • Ken Levy - Walker InformaticsRoche Diagnostics, CIC Chief Financial Officer, CIC USA - Industrial Perspective and Status quo of Implementation of the Standard
  • Hilmar Luthe, University of Göttingen, CIC Europe - User Perspective and the Need of an POC-Standard
  • Horst Merkle - Roche Diagnostics, CIC Vice-President: Discussion, Q&A
  • Thomas Norgall - Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS, Erlangen, CIC Europe Chairperson, Next Steps Europe and Closing

Approximately forty individuals representing twenty-eight different organizations attended the briefing, as summarized in the following two tables.

Table 1: Attendance, by Country
Australia 1
Denmark 1
Finland 2
Germany 27
Netherlands 3
Sweden 1
UK 2
Total 39

Participants represented the in-vitro diagnostics industry, information technology vendors, point-of-care users, federal healthcare organizations, Universities, healthcare consultancies, and other point-of-care related organizations. The following table summarizes the attendance by the type of organization represented.

Table 2: Attendance, by Organization Type
Diagnostics 19 9
Information Technology 6 3
User 6 6
Consultant 2 2
Federal HC Org. 1 1
University 3 1
Others 2 2
Total 39 24
Next steps europe

A mailing list has been established to facilitate communication between individuals interested in European issues surrounding standardization of point-of-care connectivity. If you are interested in being added to this mailing list, or would like to distribute information to the list, please contact the CIC European Round Table General Secretary, Christina Rode-Schubert, at the following e-mail address:

Source of supply the standard

Attendees of the Medica 2002 workshop asked where and how to order the POCT-1A Standard.

The POCT1-A is an approved standard of the NCCLS (National Committee of Clinical Standards) an can be ordered as follows.

Name: POCT1-A Point-of-Care Connectivity; Approved Standard (2001)
Note: The standard is distributed on CD-ROM
Order by mail: NCCLS
940 West Valley Road, Suite 1400
Wayne, PA 19087-1898, United States
Order by phone: USA (+01) 610 - 688 1100
Order by fax: USA (+01) 610 - 688 6400
Order via the web:
(payment with credit card only)
Cost: NCCLS Members: US$ 65.-
Non-members: U S$105.-
Plus shipping and handling

Thirty-nine individuals from twenty-four organizations registered to attend the CIC Medica 2002 Briefing. The following table provides a detailed list of attendees.

Table 3: CIC Medica 2002 Briefing Attendees
Andreas StaubertRoche Diagnostics MannheimGermany
Arno FratermanLabormedizin DortmundGermany
Aykut UsluUslu Medizininformatik DüsseldorfGermany
Chris MorganThe Technology PartnershipUK
Christian HeineTechnische Universität IlmenauGermany
Christian KarglRoche Diagnostics GrazAustralia
Christian Weigand Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen ErlangenGermany
Christina Rode-SchubertBunisness Engineering Consult HeidelbergGermany
Christof ZywietschBiosigna HannoverGermany
Doug HirstBradford Royal InfirmaryUK
Georg BippusRoche Diagnostics MannheimGermany
Georg HoffmannTrillium GmbH GrafrathGermany
Gottfried DietzelBundesministerium für Gesundheit BonnGermany
Harald BaurMedat Computer-Systeme MünchenGermany
Harm OverbeekVital Sientific SpankerenNetherlands
Heribert BaldusPhilips Research Laboratories AachenGermany
Hilmar LutheUniversity of Göttingen Germany
Horst MerkleRoche Diagnostics MannheimGermany
Ingo J. TimmTechnische Universität IlmenauGermany
Jan L. S. DolsAcademic Medical Center / University of AmserdamNetherlands
Jeff DuBois NCCLS / nova biomedical Waltham MAUSA
Jens WeirsoeRadiometer Medical BronshojDenmark
Joachim DudeckGMDS Advisory Board GießenGermany
John van AbeelenVital Sientific SpankerenNetherlands
Jürgen Richter Roche Diagnostics MannheimGermany
Ken Levy Roche Diagnostics InianapolisUSA
Lars SteubesandPhilips Medical Systems BoeblingenGermany
Laura StrandbergOrion Diagnostica EspooFinnland
Martin ElixmannPhilips Research AachenGermany
Michael KraemerStandardisierung Neurochirurgische Klinik DüsseldorfGermany
Nikolaus WirszSiemens Medical Solutions ErlangenGermany
Ossi HiltunenOrion Diagnostica EspooFinland
Rainer HaeckelDeutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie BremenGermany
Rainer UnverhauMedat Computer-Systeme MünchenGermany
Robert SchmidtFauenhofer Institut ErlangenGermany
Rune BjörkmannPharmacia Diagnostics UppsalaSweden
Stefan KirnTechnische Universität IlmenauGermany
Thomas NorgallFraunhofer-Institute IIS-A ErlangenGermany
Zlotan TakacsPhilips Medical Systems BoeblingenGermany